Life's too short

Make sure your family and loved ones don't struggle when the inevitable happens

Get an insurance plan today!

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Security for your goods in transit

Secure your goods at sea with Marine Insurance and sleep like a baby

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Get covered from the unforeseen eventuality

Drive safe with peace of mind and let us do the ‘worrying’ for you

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No one wishes for Fire Outbreak

Fire Insurance provides you succor when fire outbreak pounce your business or property like a monster

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Micro Insurance Scheme

Products designed to be appropriate for the low income market in relation to cost, terms, coverage and delivery mechanism

Risk Management

Analysing possible exposure to loss, reducing loss potential, reducing the likelihood that an insured event will occur

Life Assurance

Insurance against the risks of death, permanent disablement or injuries resulting from external and violent means

Industrial All Risks

Covers Buildings, Machinery, Fixtures and Fittings on reinstatement value, while the stock is covered on market value basis

All Risks Insurance

Widest form of Insurance cover, offering indemnity against all risks of loss or damaged to the insured property

Burglary & House Breaking

Protects the insured against loss of or damage to the insured property, following burglary or house breaking accompanied

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